Онлайн курс по MBCT (USA)

Facebook - Спасибо Дейву за замечательный курс по MBCT

Спустя 8 недель и заполнения 10 отчетов вручную мой коллега психотерапевт, тренер по MBCT Dave Potter написал очень теплое письмо. К сожалению для Дейва и радостно для меня сотрудничество с Ассоциацией когнитивно-поведенческой психотерапии я резко прервал, но Дейв с радостью готов делиться своим опытом, и предлагает даже стажировку в их центре по MBCT.

Dear Aleksey, Congratulations on completing the course! This is no small accomplishment! I know from the traffic patterns on the site that many people come to the online course and begin the practices and only a few actually make it to the end. I’m glad that you have found the experience helpful and seeing how you’ve made use of the practices is a nice validation of my intention in making this material freely available. I would be delighted to be a member of Russian Association of Cognitive-Behavioral Psychotherapy! I am about to leave for a two week trip, but will try to send you a biography and program information before I leave. Attached is your certificate of completion. You may be happy with what you can print directly from this, or you can email it to a print shop and they can make you a nice color copy. Let me know if you'd like your name shown differently and I'll be happy to email another certificate. I know that you are way too far away to come to our monthly graduate meetings but as an MBSR graduate, I wanted you to know that you are invited to join us if you should ever happen to be in the area when one of our graduate meetings is happening. Even if you don't ever come to a meeting, you can follow along with the topics we are working with through the Graduate Program page. I have put you on the mailing list so you will get a notice when meetings occur and when there are new postings on the graduate page. If you'd rather not get the monthly notices, just let me know at any time and I'll take you off my list. Another way to get a sense of your fellow online graduates, is to look at the Gallery of Learning on the website. There you will find the letters that others have written after completing the course, as well as the link to a map showing where the other graduates are from. Wishing you peace and ease, Dave